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InBlue originally did the logo for Noble Boats International back in 2008 and was a significant upgrade compared to their previous logo. We designed the logo with the following attributes in mind.

Symbol (Aqua Badge)

The first element you’ll notice in the logo signature is the Aqua Badge symbol. This dynamic symbol is the defining feature of the design system. It is inspired by a boat speeding through the water with two wakes of water rippling up and represents ideas and information in motion. This bold symbol places Noble Boats International at the centre of innovation, with ripples of ideas unfolding — ripples that represent the markets in which Noble Boats International plays, and the ideas that Noble Boats International brings to the marketplace.


Our wordmark uses a strong, yet friendly, upper and lowercase typeface. It shows us as a straightforward company with which to collaborate.


Our sub-wordmark communicates the global marketplace that Noble Boats International is proudly a part of.

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