1. Privacy Act Obligations

InBlue Web Media is an organisation that is bound by the National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988. A copy of the National Privacy Principles is available for your perusal at our premises or, you may obtain a copy from the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner.

This Privacy Policy is intended to provide a general overview of our policies in respect of the handling of your personal information. Your “personal information” is any information or opinion about you that is capable of identifying you.

Other policies may override this Privacy Policy in certain circumstances. For example, when we collect personal information from you, we may advise a specific purpose for collecting that personal information, in which case we will handle your personal information in accordance with the stated purpose.

This Policy is intended to cover most personal information handled by us, but is not exhaustive. If you have any queries about our management of your personal information, you are encouraged to contact us for further information.


2. Collection, Storage and Use of Personal Information

Your personal information is collected when you:-

  • Enquire about services from us;
  • Purchase services from us;
  • Email an enquiry to us.

Information is stored on our computer system and in paper files. The main purpose that InBlue Web Media holds this information is:

  • To supply services to you;
  • To provide after sales service;
  • For administrative purposes;
  • To conduct promotional and marketing activities.


3. Access to Personal Information

  • You may contact us at any time to request access to your personal information,
  • This access may be denied if we are entitled to do so,
  • We may charge a fee for providing access, although lodging a request for access will be free of charge,
  • We will update information we hold about individuals if it is not accurate, complete and up-to-date.


4. Kinds of Personal Information Held

The kind of personal information that InBlue Web Media holds is:

  • Name, address and e-mail addresses;
  • Phone numbers.


5. Online Privacy

Our web site does not use “cookies” to track access, but your Internet Service Provider’s URL is recorded. The site offers no security features and the security and integrity of any information submitted cannot be guaranteed during its transmission, due to the nature of the Internet. We will however, take steps to secure information once it has been received.


6. Complaints

If you have any concerns about the way personal information is managed by InBlue Web Media, or believe that a breach of your privacy has occurred, please contact Daniel Secomb at InBlue Web Media at 109 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000, or e-mail us via the contact us page or phone (02) 8437 3590, or fax (02) 8437 3589.


7. Contact Information

In accordance with NPP 5.2, you may obtain further information about our privacy practices, or if you have any privacy issue, you can e-mail us via the contact us page or mail to The Privacy Manager, InBlue Web Media, 109 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000, or phone (02) 8437 3590 or fax (02) 8437 3589.

4th October 2013

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